Al-Hiwar : Jurnal Ilmu dan Teknik Dakwah

 ISSN: 23549068 (print version), 25799851 (electronic version).

Al-Hiwar: Jurnal Ilmu dan Teknik Dakwah promotes normative and empirical inquiry into da’wah and communication science. The journal publishes articles in communication and broadcasting of Islam, information and media for da’wah, Islamic counselling and guidance, Islamic Institution, and da’wah management, as well as articles that approach the role of da’wah in media and society from a historical, psychological, sociological, or anthropological standpoint.

It is an open access and peer-reviewed journal, first published in 2013, by the Faculty of Dakwah and Communication Science UIN Antasari Banjarmasin. Frequency: 2 issues/year (July and December).

All papers should be submitted to the journal via online system.  If you haven't submitted a paper to this journal before, you will need to create an account here to register. If failed, please contact us at: [email protected].

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