Irfan Noor


The politic of identity based on religion is still a major issue of Indonesian nationality.
One such issue is the validity of a religious groups involvement in the national public
policy in Indonesia.In this context, the theory of Jurgen Habermass discourse and its
relation to his view of post-secularism was very relevant to discuss. For Habermas, the
neutrality of the public sphere does not mean that a vacuum of religion. In the name of
democracy, religious positions should be placed in parallel with the formation of other
political opinions and aspirations. Functional differentiation in modern society leading
to the individualization of religion does not necessarily imply loss of influence and
relevance of religion in the public sphere. Nevertheless, of course, the involvement of
religion in the public sphere still has limits, that the religious language of particular
religion must be translated into the language first that being accepted by the public,
which has epistemic status that can be accepted by the other residents. Such alignment
is called postsekular people, where every citizen has the right faith with the bond of
communication with each other.


identitas agama, diskursus, postsekularisme, ruang publik

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