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This article is intended to argue against those who say that the Islamic philosophy is really nothing more than the
true ancient Greek philosophy that has been “repacked” by Islam, and to prove that Islamic philosophy, while
being as a result of historical process of its adopting of Greek philosophy, is to large extent the own Muslim
thinkers’ thoughts by “adapting” that philosophical tradition with Islamic doctrine. As the result, they have
sought to compromise between rational and revealed truth. Therefore, it sees that Islamic philosophy is a attempt
to interpret the Qur’an in the light of reason. By this way of argumentation, the author wishes to say that the
balanced view of the origin of Islamic philosophy, e.g. between the historical and textual roots or between
influence and originality, must be recognized, so that we will have a holistic understanding of the existence of
this philosophical tradition in Islam.


al-Qur’an; sumber tekstual; filsafat Islam; filsafat Yunani

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