Focus and Scope

At-Taradhi: Jurnal Studi Ekonomi accepts only Bahasa Indonesia, English and Arabic. The coverage area of studies includes, but not limited to, the following subjects pertaining to Islamic Economics and Finance:

  1. Banking
  2. Insurance/ Takaful
  3. Accounting
  4. Business Ethics and Legal Issues
  5. Work Ethics, Islamic Work Ethics
  6. Corporate Social Responsibility
  7. Financial management
  8. Business management
  9. Business policies, strategies, and performance
  10. Business and retail research
  11. Business policy and decision-making
  12. Business security and privacy issues
  13. E-Business
  14. International business issues
  15. Consumer behavior
  16. Customer relationship management
  17. Marketing management and strategies
  18. Relationship management
  19. Management and retail marketing
  20. Public relations and retail communication
  21. Creativity in Internet management and retailing
  22. Innovation and product development