Jurnal PTK dan Pendidikan

Jurnal PTK dan Pendidikan is educational journal containing classroom action research and current issues of educational research. This journal publish article biannually on June and December. This is open access journal and free charge of publication. This journal published by Teacher and Training Faculty State Islamic University of Antasari Banjarmasin.  Journal PTK dan pendidikan has electronic ISSN 2549-2535 and printed ISSN 2460-1780.

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Vol 4, No 1 (2018): Januari - Juni

Table of Contents


Ronny ralin
Abstract views : 288
Karlianor arief
Abstract views : 234
Yusfita kumala dewi
Abstract views : 225
Abdurrachman Abdurrachman Abdurrachman
Abstract views : 208
Nana Mairi Mairi
Abstract views : 281
Mariani Mariani Mariani
Abstract views : 252
Anwar Anwar Anwar
Abstract views : 255
Hasanuddin Hasanuddin
Abstract views : 218
Rita Zahara
Abstract views : 238
Arif Nurcahyo
Abstract views : 232