Abdullah Sallehhuddin Abdullah Salim, Norzarina Md Yatim, Siti Zainab Ibrahim, Muhamad Razak Idris, Masitah Esa


The pandemic driven Movement Control Order (MCO) caused pain to mosque institutins in terms of activities, financial and digital. As the pandemic Covid-19 hit the country in early 2020, mosques were closed, number of congregation reduced, Friday and tarawih prayers were postponed, sadaqah collection dropped, and lesser knowledge based activities or Islamic teachings programmes were recorded due to social distancing order as the authority intended to stop the lethal virus transmission. In certain circumstances, social gathering activities were permitted at mosque; however, with a strict permission and stringent standard operating procedures. Coupled with lack of digital literacy, skills and equipment, as well as insufficient financial resources, mosque's engagement and visibility with larger societal members were also unfavourably impacted. Consequently, mosque institution is not able to carry out its function effectively as a centre of knowledge, centre of economy, and centre of community engagement. The research aims to explain the impact of pandemic Covid-19 towards mosque institutionn. Specifically, this conceptual paper discusses the implication of pandemic Covid-19 on activism, financial and digital well-being of mosques. It explores initial publications like academic articles, news, reports, and ministerial statements about the issue. The findings indicated the impact of pandemic Covid-19 towards mosque institutions’ well-being in the three areas i.e. activism, financial, and digital, and the response of mosques’ leadership and Muslim community. The study offers conceptual discussion, and generalisation take place cautiously. The value of the research embedded in its intention to assess the impact of pandemic Covid-19 on mosque institutions from three different dimensions namely activism, financial and digital. Moreover, the findings shall enhance the preparedness of mosque institution in those three areas to brace future shock. The findings also shall support the aspiration of SDG 16 in preparing mosque as a peace, justice and strong institution for community.

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