Faizatul Hasanah, Husin Husin, Muhammad Nasir


The Covid-19 pandemic is a problem in a country starting from the Wuhan area of China, which spreads so quickly and is deadly. Covid-19 is very easy to transmit, therefore it is important to keep the immune system strong so as not to get sick easily during this pandemic. In response to this, the government recommends the public to take vaccinations to prevent being infected with covid-19 and take Vitamin C and other antibiotic drugs, to increase immunity. Whereas in Islamic teachings the Qur'an has been revealed which is said to be an antidote or medicine. The benefits of the Qur'an and sholawat include getting peace of mind, being given intelligence and of course a cure for all diseases. So, Allah Almighty commands frequent prayers and reads and studies the Qur'an more often because the Qur'an serves as the main source of Islamic teachings and the way of life of Muslims. This research uses quantitative methods with the type of case study research, data collection techniques carried out in the form of observation, distribution of questionnaires and documentation. The results of the study when the community was fighting the covid-19 pandemic by consuming vitamins for a strong immune system. However, there are some parents who are still healthy and fit and doing well. After being investigated, the elderly parents have their own practice, namely often grounding the Qur'an and multiplying prayers.

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