Strategi Budaya dalam Filsafat Erich Fromm

Fatrawati Kumari


Abstract: The aim of this study is to determine the formulation of Fromms
cultural strategy and find its relevance to national cultural strategy. This qualita-
tive -philosophical study is presented through the synthesis analysis of the psy-
choanalyst Freud and socio-economist Marx. The conclusion is that the for-
mulation of Fromms culture strategy rooted in the concept of to be. To be is
a way of being existential human, characterized by being active, that is the
optimal use of the human strengths for productivity, which tends to make
changes and is interested in goodness, also tends to give and love. The cultural
strategy is then formulated from the concept of to be. This is an attempt to
create a new culture which includes material and non-material aspects. Material
aspects include social, economic and political structure, while the non-material
aspects includes individual-social character, ideas and objectives of the com-
munity in the form of norms, values, dogma, ideology and so forth. These
aspects are interacting and influencing each other. The orientation of to be will
affect the economic structure, and then form a social character and subse-
quently form an idea. Furthermore, the cycle runs in reverse in the relational
dynamic series.

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