Fenomena Aliran Keagamaan di Banjarmasin (Studi Kasus Ahmadiyah)

Nurul Djazimah, Arni Arni, Maimanah Maimah


Since its establishment, Ahmadiyah until today has always given rise to various controversies. The Organization of Islamic Conferences stated that Ahmadiyah was heretical. This is because some of its teachings are contradicted to those of Islam such as their belief in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who is believed to be the prophet Isa al Masih and Tazkirah holy book as one of the source of Islamic teachings that its position equal to Al Quran. However, Ahmadiyah in various countries including Indonesia still exist, such as in Banjarmasin. Ahmadiyah that got into Banjarmasin in 1958 was brought by a Malaysian Ahmadiyya muballigh. Today, Ahmadiyyah Banjarmasin totaling 34 people while the total amount of its followers in Kalimantan is 113 people.

Keywords : Controvercy, heresy, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Tazdkirah.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18592/jt.v1i1.113


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