Supriadi Supriadi, Saifuddin Ahmad Husin, Puji Sri Rahayu


This research analyzed syntactic patterns and differences of syntactic patterns of some verses (ayah) in the English translation of verses of Al-Qur’an related to skills in language, which have 38 ayah, using tree diagrams theory to be able drawing and seeing hierarchical syntax structure of the verses. The researcher used the English translation of the verses by Sahih International and Abdullah Yusuf. Researcher finally found forty syntactic patterns in the translations of verses of Al-Qur’an related to skills in language as follows: there are five syntactic patterns of sentence, nine syntactic pattern of noun phrase, thirteen syntactic patterns of verb phrase, one syntactic pattern of adjective phrase, five syntactic patterns of preposition phrase, and seven syntactic patterns of complement phrase. Furthermore, the researcher found eleven differences of syntactic patters from the thirty-eight verses of Al-Qur’an related to skills in language translated by Sahih International and Abdullah Yusuf Ali. They are; the strategy of the translation, the forms of sentences, the forms of phrase, the forms of word classes, the forms of tense, the styles of grammar, the positions of the phrases, the selections of words, the additions of phrase, the additions of word classes, and the number of word classes.


Syntactic; Abdullah Yusuf Ali; Skill; English; Tree digaram

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18592/let.v8i2.4021


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