Rizki Nur Wahyuni, Saadillah Saadillah, Noor Maulidiyah


The purposes of this study are to find out the students’ Indonesian language mastery and students’ English Academic writing and the correlation between them. The subjects of this research are 29 English Department students of the sixth semester at UIN Antasari Banjarmasin who had taken Short Essay Writing subject of the fifth semester include A, B, C, and D classes. To collect the data, the writer applied Indonesian and English written tests and documentation. The students were asked to write argumentative essay with the limited topic about education into Indonesian and English languages. Data processing in this research are divided into three phases, they are; classifying the students’ Indonesian language mastery and English academic writing, doing normality test and linearity test, making table of frequency distribution. Then, all the data are analyzed quantitatively by using Pearson Product Moment formula to find out the correlation between two variables and concluded inductively. Based on the data analysis of correlation between Indonesian language mastery (variable X) and English Academic writing (variable Y), the writer found r = 0,767. Then, ‘r’ value has the positive and high correlation. It means that there is the significant correlation between each variable.


Indonesian Language Mastery; Academic Writing; Second Language Acquisition

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